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The current Phillips County Ins has quite a history.  The agency was originally formed by Roger Ereaux in the early 1970’s. The original name was Ereaux and Associates and it was an independent agency with life insurance and Blue Cross health ins. and real estate. AT one time Roger had as many a ten or eleven different businesses going and the center of operations for all of them was this agency.  Needless to say there was never a dull day. The agency operated quite well for a number of years for Roger, but the economy of the early 1980’s took it’s toll on his holdings and he was forced to give up the agency.  Ed Judge from Great Falls became the owner for a period of time.  The agency held together during this time but it was kind of a dark period in the agencies history.  In May of 1987, the stockholders of First Security Bank purchased the agency from Ed.  The name was changed to Phillips County Ins at that time.  Interestingly, one of the original shareholders was Roger Simonson, Aimee’s grandfather and one was Milton “Swede” Olsen, her great uncle.   


Charlie March was hired as manager of PCI in December 1987.  Charlie was a life insurance agent from Houston who had found his way to Malta during a couple hunting trips.  He had experience running a life insurance operation but knew just enough about property casualty insurance to be dangerous, but he was charismatic and a good manager.  He managed the agency for several years with a staff of Elaine Enerson, Marge Clausen, Lorna Pray Humbert, and Ross Simser.  Charlie could see that the agency was going to be successful so he made a deal with the First Security stakeholders to purchase the agency.  Things were going good until one day Charlie was diagnosed with cancer.  This started a four year journey for Charlie.  He put up a good fight but ultimately lost his fight in 2002.  Charlie had no family to give the agency to so he gave it to Ross, Marge and Lorna.  These three along with Elanie Enerson ran the agency for a time.  Aimee Salveson came along and began to learn the crop insurance business from Lorna.  Jake Stuart decided he wanted to raise his family in a small town and moved back up here from Billings and joined the agency.  Jake and Aimee decided they would like to buy the agency so a deal was struck for them to purchase the agency.  Lorna was the first to retire and then Elaine and finally Marge.  Ross continues to work along with the current staff of Jake, Aimee, Justin Paul, Rhonda McLaughlin, and Deanna Arnold.

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